Otterbox Cases

OtterBox Cases for Tablets and Smartphones

Currently dominating the tablet and smartphone case market by far, is the OtterBox. They offer cases both for shock and water protection with the ability to charge up your mobile unit while you’re out on the go. For your average adventurer or just for everyday use, the OtterBox brand has something for everyone. These popular encasements take first place in providing mobile unit users with a safe housing for their devices. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options.


HTC One M9 Defender Series

HTC is now one of the most used smartphones around the globe. It can accomplish what other larger devices can in a more compacted construction. The One M9 Defender is made for heavy use because this particular series offers a multi-layered case that can withstand some of the most intense abuse and handling. Guaranteed against drops, dust, scratches and other accidents, this one will definitely keep your HTC safe and secure.


iPad Mini OtterBox Case

iPad’s are only so tough and specifically protecting their screens are what many consumers say is essential. The OtterBox Defender Series case for the iPad Mini gives you extreme security for your everyday life while offering added protection for those who are more adventurous users. The Defender Series case withstands drops, dust and offers that extra level of assurance.

utterbox cases

iPhone 6 OtterBox Case

The OtterBox Preserver Series is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 6.6 ft. of water, can endure 10-foot drops, offers zero allowance for dust and debris and can withstand two tons of smashing power. OtterBox has specialized in device encasements for over seventeen years, their innovation is what keeps them at the top and this case is at the pinnacle of their technology. There are many websites that provide Otterbox Cases.

iPhone 5S Resurgence Power Case

When simple protection isn’t enough and you’re looking for an “on-the-go” mobile form of recharging your device, the iPhone 5S Resurgence can get the job done. A 2,600-mAh battery provides up to twice the battery life of your iPhone and the case features an auto-stop charge when the phone is full while saving power for when you need it later. The outer shell of the iPhone 5S Resurgence is comprised of a two-piece fiberglass-filled polycarbonate.

OtterBox offers several cases for all well-known mobile devices including the Symmetry Series which provides protection for Galaxy Note 4’s while the Commuter collection can give a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone a confident safeguard.

iPad tablet owners will definitely benefit from the Agility Shell and Strada Series which offers ecstatic styles with a folding portfolio case that not only protects your smartphone but also looks sophisticated and elegant as well.

As you can see, Otterbox does their best to offer protective and resurgent capable cases for all manners of mobile gadgetry. They’ve been around since 1998, following and changing the trends of mobile unit cases. Mobile devices are a large part of our lives, so give them the protection and security they deserve with the trusted and proven OtterBox brand.

Online Marketing

5 Tips to Promote Your Startup Online and Build Your Brand

Create a domain name

Domain and business names are everything when it comes to attracting traffic and contributing respectability to your business. It is important to conduct due diligence on names. Don’t choose a name that relates to bad headlines that will distract from the company or scream questionable credibility.

Search engine optimization

Optimizing your brand web presence will drive more clients to your business and create opportunities for more revenue. Catch the attention of buyers, resellers and potential investors and partners. Getting a startup off the ground is not easy, you need all the help you can get left, right, center. And an experienced SEO Consultant can help you on this matter to get the most desirable results

Establish blogging platform                         

Blogging is one of the greatest ways to get your ideas across. Strength of written word is powerful, and in no time will you gather a trail of loyal followers. Content is king, and content you generate for the web should reflect the exact positive message you want put across that protects your brand reputation as well as be catchy enough to sell itself.

Social media marketing

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Hangouts or any other specific platforms relevant to your area of expertise, use it. This is best leverage you can have for your business. Go unashamedly knocking all online doors (no spamming), of your contacts.

Engage Opinion Influencers

Keep friendly terms with those society trend-setters as their good words can direct into cash flow in your business.

In Summary

As your revenue grows, explore more sales platforms. Stay constantly in touch with your customers, engaging, interacting and giving prompt and honest feedback. Conduct market research and attend networking events to know what is relevant in your locality and in your specialty.


Promoting your startup online will give you more insight into market needs and help you customize your products well to increase your revenue.


All in one Keylogger- An essential part of your life and Benefits

Keylogger is an absolutely important tool in the hands of an owner of a company or business establishment or professional set up, to

All In One Keyloggermonitor the work done on a computer by the employees, in the company. Whenever the keys are pressed, keylogger takes note and records all the activity on the computers. This enables the owner to establish that only relevant and important work is done during office hours and any unscrupulous activity, if any, is conducted, the owner is fully aware and corrective actions can be taken to prevent any further unwanted activities in the office.

All in one Keylogger- An essential part of your life

These days’ children use computers on a daily basis, whatever their age may be. This makes them vulnerable in the virtual world. There are predators waiting to catch them young. To keep a protective eye on children, All in one Keylogger Software is just an important tool in the hands of the parents to keep them away from harm. This enables parents to see what the children are browsing. If need be, some advice can be given to them so that they stay safe and away from harm’s way.

It can be concluded that All in one Keylogger is an absolutely vital tool in modern times to stop wastage of time in the offices as well as keeping children safe and alarmed.


All In One Keylogger Benefits

Keylogger is a software that when installed, records whenever a key is pressed on the computers. This has come as a boon in the hands of many company owners, professionals, spying agencies, etc. It has many benefits, some of the benefits are as follows:

  • If a company owner is suspicious of the activities of the employees, by installing keylogger one can see the work done by the employees on the computers and analyze.
  • Keylogger keeps the employer informed,  whether any useless browsing is going on in the office during the office hours. Thus helping the owner to stop any wastage of precious office hours.
  • When you give targeted work to your employees, with fixed time limit, you can keep yourself updated about the work done by the employees and helps you meet the dead lines.
  • When the job undertaken by your establishments is not been able to be done as per the schedule set, keylogger can help you making sure that the job is properly done and is right on the schedule.
  • In modern times when children are using computers and are browsing day in and day out,  keylogger is an effective tool in the hands of parents to keep an eye on the activities of the children and keep them away from harm, in life as there are lots of dangers in small children browsing without an adult’s eye on them.
  • For spying and detective agencies, keylogger is an absolutely essential thing. This keeps them ahead and well informed and helps to increase the efficiency.
  • If you are doubtful of your spouse’s loyalty, keylogger can help you keep an eye on the activities of the spouse on the computer and help you erase or confirm any doubt that you may have.